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Hair experiments

Coiffe de cheveux par Antonin Mongin & Elodie Hue © Alexandre Felix

The Material library – Every month, Goodmoods investigates a material in the air, with Plendi by Vinci Construction, which juggles rare materials and singular know-how for its exceptional achievements.


A symbol of distinction, power, social rank, religion or beauty, hair has always been the object of an obsession, a fantasy. Recently, it has once again become a subject of reflection and experimentation for artists, craftsmen, designers and publishers in search of eco-responsibility and unique materials.


Its strength lies in its immortality: even when cut at the root, it is imperishable. Another advantage: its keratin, a sacred protein, makes it an immutable dye.    A raw material in abundance on the planet, the ancestral fibre is now tangled and intermingled in the repertoire of designers such as Antonin Mongin, Fabio and Martijn Rigters, Hermès, Métaphores… who split their hair to create singular works. Let’s decipher.

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