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1933 – Moka Express coffee maker

THIS YEAR • Each month, Goodmoods travels to a particular year to tell the story of the creation of a popular object. An iconic piece to hunt for on leboncoin.


Just 90 years ago, Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka Express coffee maker after discovering the washing machine, a container in which laundry was boiled. The water, once boiling, would rise through the central tube, distributing the soap evenly… The macchinetta system was born!


Its octagonal silhouette was inspired by Alfonso’s wife: head, broad shoulders, narrow waist, pleated skirt and arms at the side. To make the coffee pot, Bialetti chose aluminium, a light, resistant material synonymous with modernity, and a Bakelite handle to prevent burning.


Since its creation, the Moka coffee maker has remained unchanged and has sold over 200 million units. More than a functional object, it is an icon: it is exhibited in modern art museums like the Science Museum in London.


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