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Romantic Flowers

Louis Vuitton © Viviane Sassen


9 septembre 2022

Flowers have always symbolized romance, delicacy, innocence and freedom… If they fade with time, their beauty remains eternal, never out of fashion or abandoned by trends. On the contrary, they are the object of a fascination and intrude in every interstice of creation.


No longer just represented in floral prints, horticultural beauty is displayed in its purest form through a profusion of flowers and petals poetically immortalized by designers. In the fashion of Louis Vuitton, in the olfactory art of Miss Dior, in the design of Jenna Kaës, flowers bewitch and transport us into an enchanting universe of a thousand scents. A special mention to Virgil Abloh who leaves behind him an evanescent floral lyricism…

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    Virgil Aboh

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    Lewis Miller

Scenography becomes more romantic

© Harriet Parry


A floral luxuriance is inviting itself in the scenographies of the great houses. Whether they are colorful or immaculate, flowers immerse us in a fairytale world and renew the codes of romanticism. This bucolic overflow can be seen, for example, in the campaigns of Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton, all staged by the horticultural artist Harriet Parry.

Harriet Parry © Felicity Ingram

Jefferson Fouquet floral styling © Céline Saby

Set Design By Poppykalas © Jasper Wyatt

Enchanting floral paths

Millefiori pop-up – Miss Dior x Lewis Miller

Pop up Jacquemus

Flowers are also blooming in stores and pop-up stores. At the beginning of the year, Jacquemus created the event with its horticultural pop-up store and its delivery of bouquets by bike all around the capital.

Then at the end of the year, Miss Dior enchanted downtown New York with the Millefiori pop-up, an olfactory experience orchestrated around a profusion of flowers beautifully arranged by the famous florist Lewis Miller. The same florist who scattered his crazy compositions on the walls of the Tiffany & Co jewelry store a few days before Mother’s Day.

Tiffany & Co x Lewis Miller

Eternal flowers

Lisa King x London Flower School

La romaine editions -Jenna Kaës

« Miss blanche » chair, Shiro Kuramata

If flowers are ephemeral, designers manage to immortalize them through translucent creations. For example, the French artist Jenna Kaës freezes dried flowers in colored resin to create absolutely poetic lamps. We also find Marcin Rusak who fossilizes petals inside his consoles and tables thanks to a kind of solid gelatin.

© Sanna Lehto

Lisa King x London Flower School

Marcin Rusak

Sanna Lehto

Marcin Rusak

Du champ au restaurant…

Marimekko Cake © SPRINKLE BAKES

Clementine Day @somethingsiliketocook

On the food side, a new gastronomy is also blooming, more delicate and colorful than ever. Marigold flowers, cherry blossoms, borage, nasturtium, elderberry… Edible plants come to sublimate and perfume the plates with sensitivity and romanticism.

© Babosté

© Sweetie Pie

The beginnings of a new masculinity

LOUIS VUITTON Campaign for Spring 2020

Paul Smith – SS 2022

If flowers are often associated with femininity, they are now being reappropriated by a new generation of male designers who are drawing the contours of a new masculinity. Leading the way: Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton are breaking out of the shackles of « manliness » and composing a sensitive streetwear, with refreshing floral looks that mix fluid cuts and soft pastels.

Louis Vuitton SS20

Louis Vuitton SS20

M Missoni – Spring 2020

Balenciaga x Gucci – The Hacker Project

Of course, women’s looks also yield to this floral heresy. Balenciaga, Gucci, Missoni, Schiaparelli … The major fashion houses are going for maximalism with bucolic prints.



Richard Quinn – SS 2022

Schiaparelli – Spring 2020

A floral tribute to Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh – Off-White™‘s Spring/Summer 2020

Store Off-White™

This shift in thinking is due in part to creative director Virgil Abloh, who wanted everyone to celebrate the flowers as a metaphor for diversity and inclusiveness.


Since his passing, the world has paid tribute to his progressive vision and creativity through floral installations, wreaths of flowers placed in Off-White™ stores. A sweetly scented goodbye…

Store Off-White™ de Miami

Store Off-White™ de Milan

Store Off-White™ in Paris

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