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Kelly Wearstler

Does she still need an introduction? Kelly Wearstler Kelly Wearstler is the contemporary queen of American design. The ambassador of « California cool ». Her signature, sunny and sophisticated, organic and relaxed, is unmistakable among a thousand. Since settling in Los Angeles in 1995 where she established her architecture and design firm, she has stamped her style all over the West Coast: from this surfer’s residence in Malibu, to the Santa Monica Proper Hotel, or more recently, in the Ulla Johnson boutique in Los Angeles. An ultra-glamorous atmosphere that is worth the visit. At the same time, when she’s not designing pieces for her personal collection, she’s imagining chic and eclectic collections, sometimes even bold, for established brands: faceted artworks for Rotganzen, architecturally designed silverware for Georg Jensen, and most recently, a monastic tableware collection for Serax. Encounter with this Californian icon.

Projet Russel Hill par Kelly Wearstler

Your mood of the day in one word?


« Passion. »

Russel Hill Project by Kelly Wearstler

Your current creative desires?


« My current creative desires revolve around the fusion of technology and design. There’s a wealth of possibilities to explore through the use of AI. While we’re by no means experts in AI, my studio and I see it as a key tool for advancing our craft and expanding our creative horizons. This curiosity lies in pushing the boundaries of design and discovering new ways to blend the digital and physical realms. »

Hotel Proper, Santa Monica by Kelly Wearstler

Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

What has influenced and shaped your taste?


« My design philosophy is constantly evolving. It draws inspiration from fashion, technology, art, and history alike… Each distinct source informs and enriches the other. Open-mindedness allows for endless experimentation. »

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Hotel Proper, Santa Monica by Kelly Wearstler

Tribeca Loft by Kelly Wearstler

Projects you’re particularly proud of?


« Each project holds unique significance and pushes us to evolve. Throughout the design process, we learn so many valuable lessons from our collaborators, which deepens the craftsmanship of our profession. »

Harper Avenue Residence by Kelly Wearstler

Austin Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

What are your rituals for creating?


« With the advancements in technology, our creative rituals are evolving. Viewing AI as a realm for experimentation and discovery, my studio and I continue to explore the phygital space, where physical and digital elements intersect. For instance, in the early stages of a project, we gather a collection of inspirational visuals and sift them through AI to create a material palette. From there, we assemble a physical material board, blending various materials and textures to sculpt the essence of the design. »

What are your sources of inspiration?


« Collaborating with various artisans and seeking creative solutions, especially when commissioning pieces for clients, serves as a constant source of inspiration. Learning to work with diverse materials and exploring artisanal approaches leads to the creation of something unexpected. »

Austin Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

Broad Beach, Malibu by Kelly Wearstler

Broad Beach, Malibu by Kelly Wearstler

A favorite material?


« I’ve always been drawn to natural materials. I love their innate ability to imbue interiors, furniture, or art objects with unique character. Within the studio, exploring new recycled materials also sparks a lot of excitement. »

« Faded Terracotta », Kelly Weartler for Farrow & Ball, Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel

A colormatch that has always stuck with you?


« Deep terracotta hues and apricot tones for their ability to inject a warm and welcoming ambiance. Particularly the Faded Terracotta paint color, designed in collaboration with Farrow & Ball for the Downtown L.A. Proper project, which creates a beautiful, soothing backdrop alongside rustic furniture and artwork. »

Proper Hotel, San Francisco by Kelly Wearstler

« The Creative Act : The Way of Being » by Rick Rubin, 2023

The book you enjoy flipping through?


« I recently finished ‘The Creative Act: The Way of Being’ by Rick Rubin. An incredible and very inspiring book. »

The place you could come back to every week?


« The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. »

Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris

Casa Orgánica by Javier Senosiain, Mexico, 1985 © Leandro Bulzzano

L’architecte qui construirait la maison de vos rêves ?


« Javier Senosiain. »

Casa Orgánica by Javier Senosiain, Mexico, 1985 © Leandro Bulzzano

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