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The Marseilles exhibition of



True Story

15 January 2021

Caroline Denervaud expresses herself in a colourful, vibrant and abstract movement. After years of exploration through dance, the artist now gives meaning to her gestures by materialising them on canvases and objects. A true contemporary researcher, Caroline experiments, plays, orbits around her art which is both raw and poetic. This work has given birth to forms, colours, naïve and liberating signs. A rich universe, with multiple influences.

In 1964, André Breton wrote about Alechinsky: « What I appreciate the most in art is what you have, this power of intertwining curves, this organic rhythm, this delightful self-abandonment that you get from colours, from light ». Words that today furiously echo Caroline Denervaud’s lively work. Discover her work from March 22nd to May 19th at the Double V gallery in Marseille.


« Everything is allowed! But I have chosen to play with colours that respond to certain shades of day and night: dawn, noon, dusk… »

Some adjective(s) to describe the atmosphere of your paintings?

Playful, lunar, colourful, secretive, instinctive.

The origin of the project?

« After a meeting in Nice at the end of 2017, followed by more than a year of regular collaboration, the curator Emmanuelle Oddo and the director of Double V Gallery, Nicolas Veidig-Favarel, naturally invited me to present my first solo exhibition in France, in their space in Marseille ».

New materials or new techniques? 

« Working on clay, with gouache or tempera. A series of small objects that change the usual apprehension of my work. I have proposed something more intimate and personal, which is not intended to hang on a wall but rather to be held in hands ».

Personalities that inspire you in your work?

Serge Poliakoff, Paul Klee, Calder, Pina Bausch…

Pina Bausch

Serge Poliakoff


« I like to wear a painted dress to camouflage myself in my paintings ».

A clothing in which you like to work?

« A dress painted to camouflage myself in my paintings. But otherwise, my work clothes are very casual: a pair of joggings, a t-shirt and big woolen socks. Hair tied up, never shoes or long sleeves. »

Your paiting rituals?

« My radio set always on France Culture to work, litres of steaming Ricoré, Serge Lutens’  » Fille en aiguilles  » perfume and my cat Raoul who prowls around! For the paintings presented at Double V Gallery, I used my fetish brush ».


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