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The Villa Médicis reenchanted by India Mahdavi

Villa Médicis India Mahdavi Mobilier national
Bedroom Galilée, Villa Médicis, India Mahdavi © Daniele Molajoli

Artists’ residences have a bright future ahead of them. The latest example is the Villa Medici, home of the Académie de France in Rome since 1803, which has just been given a makeover. As part of the second chapter of the « Reenchanting the Villa Medici » project, the Académie de France in Rome has commissioned the architect, designer and scenographer India Mahdavi to refurbish six historic rooms.


With the collaboration of the Mobilier national, a high place of creation and heritage since Louis XIV, and the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, a patron of the arts and crafts for more than 20 years, the historic Renaissance-style setting has a new look.


The period décor, composed of 16th century frescoes by the Mannerist painter Jacopo Zucchi, has been revisited with fantasy and poetry. The Lili Boulanger room, the Cardinal’s room, the Debussy room and the Galileo room (named after personalities who stayed at the Villa Medici) are adorned with custom-made pieces and dressed with marquetry and geometries inspired by the Renaissance. A joyful and daring reinterpretation, in the image of India Mahdavi.

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