Studio 2046

From Asian cinema to Italian baroque…

© Studio 2046 - Casa Daminelli

Finely combining the patina of Italian palaces, the avant-gardism of contemporary design, and the romanticism of Asian films, Studio 2046 promises to make a name for itself. At its head? Lombard designer Daniele Daminelli, formerly at the helm of Dimorestudio alongside Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. From his creative base in Treviglio, this new maestro of Italian design enjoys creating bridges between past and present, like the romantic hero protagonist of the Honkonga film 2046. To do this, nothing better than Palazzo Bacchetta, a jewel of Italian architecture that he has just acquired and which enriches his daily work. Three centuries earlier, this historic building had served as a living and working space for the Galliaris brothers. Today, the creator makes the works of the two painters cohabit there with his modern and singular creations. Bellissimo!


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