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Perfect Place

Perfect Place

Alexis Christodoulou

Meet us at Alexis Christodoulou’s, in Wonderland, for a Perfect Place like no other. Here, no address, no building site: the space-time universe is turned upside down. And with good reason, Alexis Christodoulou’s architectures are only 3D renderings.


Always exposed outdoors and caressed by light, the imaginary spaces are very pure, with soft colours and brutal accents. Matt tiles, immense draped tiles, porous stones, undulating water, his work on texture is extremely meticulous. Each universe oscillates between the hyperrealism of the spaces and the silent onirism of the atmosphere that emanates from them.


A collection of poetic places imbued with serenity in which one would dream of escaping (to be found in the Digital Mythology moodboard).


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