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Digital Mythology


15 January 2021

At a time when drawing and manufacturing objects in 3D has become more and more democratic, the social network sphere is devoting a quasi cult status to design studios specialising in ultra-real rendering, featuring « the unreal ». Respected, even adulated, they use computers to create dreamlike universes, created from scratch, which in turn inspire the world of graphic design, interior design, decoration and retail. Ancient times or the future? Exhibition space or living room? Boundaries are blurred and designers are imagining many bridges between the digital world and « real life ».

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The Australian furniture and objects brand United Product.

Design concept « Inspiration Room » by Six N. Five.

Above and opposite: Six N. Five.

Many creative studios increasingly put forward this singular aesthetic, these virtual, and sometimes very real, places. The Barcelonians of Six N. Five are, among others, the appanage of eyes glued to Instagram, which propagates these more-than-perfect images at the speed of lightning. Discover their work, in more detail here.

« The Gift Hotel », video realised by Six N. Five for the brand Massimo Dutti.

Coffee table (on the wall), Atelier Aveus

Furniture made from recycled materials by Malmö Upcycling Service.

Marble coffee table, Dooq

Wallpaper, Texturae

References to the Greek colonnaded temples, to the arcades straight out of the emblematic Palladian villas, to the landscapes and atmosphere of Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings, or even to Ricardo Bofill’s postmodern architecture, these images and objects reinvent the notion of the present time.

« Ambiguous », an imaginary open-air architectural project by Massimo Colonna.


The creators of this new « mythology » on social networks

One of the renderings of Alexis Christodoulou’s « Imagined Architectural Spaces » project.

The Element U Chair @studio_lapeche

Enough to attract a wave of creators to embrace with digital tools this spirit of fantasy for the forms of the past. The list of creators includes graphic artist Alexis Christodoulou, based in Cape Town (South Africa), and his project of fictitious architectures (to be found right here).

A swimming pool dreamed by Alexis Christodoulou.

La Fábrica, the famous offices and headquarters of the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

Osteria Oggi (Adélaïde, Australia)

A mood that can easily be appropriated with subdued lighting and by avoiding accumulation. This will help focus the eyes on furniture and objects with neo-antique forms and smooth or even raw materials.

Boutique The Daily Edited in Melbourne (Australie). Design : Pattern Studio.

Lomax Studio, London. Architecture : Critical Architecture Network.

The whole to be combined in the spirit of a scenography that mixes all scales; to create dreamlike landscapes in which it is pleasant to live, work and dream. Concrete, marble, copper, plexiglass… everything is allowed in the future.

Trompe-l’oeil mirrors (left) from the American Bower Studios.

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