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Aspiring hemp

Les créations de Yasmin Bawa © Pascal Rohé

Every month, Goodmoods investigates a material in the air of time, with Plendi by Vinci Construction, which juggles with rare materials and singular know-how for its exceptional achievements.


After algae and mushrooms, hemp is back. Formerly associated with cannabis, it is now re-deploying its green fibers in the creative world, re-enchanted by a horde of designers and textile creators on the lookout for innovative and bio-sourced materials.


Its seeds, rich in fatty acids, proteins and vitamins, are much sought after in the food industry. Its oil, nourishing and regenerating, is sought after in the beauty industry. And its fiber, resistant, flexible, light, insulating and biodegradable, is more than appreciated in the textile industry, construction and design. In short, hemp is an inexhaustible resource. A choice more than shared by contemporary designers, Philipp Hainke, Yasmin Bawa and Romy Di Donato in the lead, as well as by the big names in fashion. Decoding this material far from being a bad seed.


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