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3 juin 2021

Derek Castiglioni, the outsider of the outdoor world, is going to make a name for himself. An architecture graduate turned outdoor designer, the Lombardy-based designer is rethinking outdoor living with poetry. Inspired by the English poet Alfred Austin’s quote Show me your garden and I’ll tell you who you are, Derek designs his own outdoor furniture, out of time and styles.


Today, he unveils the genesis of Supernova, a collection of magnetic furniture that channels the transgressive colors of the Memphis group and the sharp lines of Giovanni Bertone’s bodywork. With this collection of refined exuberance, Derek changes the rules of the outdoor game and exports art to the outdoors.



The genesis of your Supernova collection ?




“The Supernova collection was born from my desire to interpret the outdoor life, completely moving away from my previous collection, Aquiloni. The collection experiments through 70s shapes and dark colors, the materialization of a more transgressive imaginary represented by summer nights.”

Derek Castiglioni, Supernova, © Maria Teresa Furnari

The collection in a few words ?

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

“The collection represents an innovative way of looking at the outdoor world. Changing the rules of what has been done up to now in terms of materials, colors but above all for the spark that ignited the creative process.”

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

What color palette did you use ?

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

“The collection is characterized by colors with a strong character, an unusual practice for outdoor furniture. Colors such as burgundy or dark green are mixed with lighter colors, creating a harmony that in some cases recalls Memphis style.”

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

What was your inspiration for this collection ?

© Slim Aarons

“The collection is inspired by the nights and bohemian atmospheres at the time of supersonic flights, when Giovanni Bertone designed automotive prototypes with sharp, rigorous and spatial lines, in a period where freedom of thought and transgression were a must.”

Lancia Stratos Zero, designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, 1970

Supernova, Derek Castiglioni © Maria Teresa Furnari

What materials did you use ?

Supernova Sofa, Derek Castiglioni © Matteo Bartoli

“Innovative materials ! The collection is composed of traditional metal materials for the details, but above all the 90% of the pieces it’s make up of eco-sustainable materials derived from rice, which keep faith with eco-sustainable themes, 100% recyclable and the result of meticulous and cutting-edge research.”

Supernova Collection, Derek Castiglioni

What would be the film of the collection ?


“It would be the film of a big summer party in the 70s.”

Desert House Party, © Slim Aarons

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