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Revival lacquer


22 août 2022

Material Library – Every month, Goodmoods investigates a material of the moment with Plendi by Vinci Construction, entreprise générale spécialisée dans les réalisations d’exception qui jongle avec les matériaux rares et savoir-faire singuliers.


Patinated, satin, glossy, wet, coloured… In 2021, lacquer, as perfect as ever, plays on several registers. Its shiny effects and precious finishes are once again celebrated in the creation of more colours and shades than ever before. Lacquer is being reworked by the new guard of designers and interior architects: Joris Poggioli, Sandra Benhamou, Fabrizio Casiraghi, Spotti Milano… Drawing on different periods and influences, they are all re-establishing the singular character of lacquer in contemporary interiors. Make way for « Laquemania ».

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    Jean Dunand

Asia as a starting point

Directed by Sophie Pinet, assisted by Jennifer Pouillaude © François Coquerel

Campbell-Rey Apollo Side Table

« Femme et mouton » lacquer by Jean Dunand

Art and gold lacquer by Atelier Midavaine for a Cartier boutique project, led by Plendi

Design by Fabrizio Casiraghi © Cerruti & Draime

Lacquer where you least expect it


The design avant-garde pays tribute to the ancestral and artisanal cradle of lacquer by recreating decors from Asia and the East remixed with a monochrome lacquer that is more brilliant than ever. Among them: Fabrizio Casiraghi or Spotti Milano are evolving the technique by integrating it where it is not expected, in the kitchen with singular wall panels or on majestic sculptural pieces that bring architecture, engineering and design into dialogue.

Butterfly console by Hannes Peer for Spotti Milano

Mallow lamp by Goodmoods Editions

Miss Wong Collection of the CFOC

Miss Wong Collection of the CFOC

A tribute also paid by the Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine with its new Miss Wong collection. Among the furniture and precious objects in the series, lacquer, as perfect as ever, is available in matt, sand or sepia on round trays, stools and storage bins in glossy shades halfway between old and new.

Retail lacquered-glazed

Flagship IMMI’s Shanghai by Studio Unravel

Renaissance Store by Atelier Dialect

Re-appropriated by the new horde of interior designers, the hyper shiny lacquer covers like a translucent film the walls, displays and columns of the latest retail spaces with a highly contemporary « laboratory clean » aesthetic.

Byredo shop in Shanghai by Halleroed

Acne Studios shop in Shanghai by Halleroed

Byredo shop in Shanghai by Halleroed

Chubby & glossy

© Cerruti & Draime

Up Down wall lamp from In common with

Bi-Rite Studio Contact Table

Lacquer is used alongside chubby and tubular shapes to better reveal its glossy, almost wet finishes. On Joris Poggioli’s Euphrosyne console, on Pietro Russo’s Hide and Seek shelf and on Nanda Vigo’s Storet chest of drawers for Acerbis, lacquer retweets the 1970s and 1990s with modernity and authenticity (inspirations decoded in the Trendbook Rétro-Fantaisie 2022/23).

Casa Calada by Axel Chay

Buffet Storet by Nanda Vigo for Arcebis

Roze table by Pierre Yovanovitch

Hide and Seek console by Pietro Russo

Euphrosyne console by Joris Poggioli for Youth éditions © Vincent Desailly

© Notoo studio

The return of the primary red and green

Fahri Office by Gaël Camu

The designers create pieces with sharp lines and meticulous finishes as if cast in a mould. In these « block » creations, the classic red and green primary colours are back in fashion, notably in the pieces by Francesco Balzano and Gaël Camu, which bring the sophisticated-refined style of the 1970s back into the home.

Giorgio 2 stool by Francesco Balzano

Source unknown

Exalted preciousness

Cloud Mahogany Mini Table by Louise Liljencrantz

Recif pedestal tables by Pinto Paris

Designers are maximising shine and handling colour with tact to revive and exalt the preciousness of lacquer. Joris Poggioli, Louise Liljencrantz, Sandra Benhamou, India Mahdavi… The cream of contemporary design blurs the boundaries between eras by mixing the muted elegance of the 1970s with the exuberance of Art Deco.

Bar Léon by Sandra Benhamou

© Colombe Clier

Ellsworth mirror by Joris Poggioli

© Pouenat Révélations

A deciphering imagined with the complicity of Plendi by Vinci Construction, which juggles with rare materials and singular know-how for its exceptional achievements.

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