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Pure white

Grotto, Kim Haddou et Florent Dufourcq


15 janvier 2021

Chalk, plaster, lime and clay come together with curly wool, delicate porcelain or thick cotton for an immaculate but textured white look. Matte, powdered or cracked materials with a special touch and a comforting look. In a context of global pollution and over-consumption, we fantasise about this specific white, the one of cocoons, the North Pole or lunar landscapes: eternal spaces conducive to contemplation. The creators work with these materials derived from nature and confront themselves with white, raw, pure. An organic white that takes us back to our origins. Point-blank.

  • material

    natural plaster

  • alternative

    synthetic wool

  • feeling

    mineral cocoon

  • urgency

    global warming

Studio Pepe

A colorless, lunar and comforting atmosphere


The meditation room, Matthieu Lehanneur (AD Intérieurs 2018) © Claire Israël

At the 2018 AD Interiors trade fair, certain exhibiting architects and stage designers plunged visitors into white color variations such as Matthieu Lehanneur and his « meditation lounge », the duo Lecoadic Scotto and their metaphysical antechamber with a futuristic atmosphere as well as Bismut & Bismut and their « conversation lounge » that invites oneself to dream…

A dandy’s antechamber, Leocadic Scotto (AD Interiors 2018)

The conversation lounge, Bismut & Bismut (AD Interiors 2018)

Forte Forte Boutique, Paris

Forte Forte’s new Parisian boutique, opened during the last fashion week, is adorned in white. To display its latest collection, the Italian brand unveils a refined, « sincere » and delicate place. In this setting, time stands still…

Coffee table and vases, Eny Lee Parker

Mirror, Jenny Nordberg

A stage of spherical vases and candleholders from the Swedish tableware manufacturer Skultuna

Drome Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Ceramics, Paola Paronetto

Since last season, white is back in full fashion, a « polar » look that is not about to melt away… The winter silhouettes are timeless and are once again immersed in an off-white, plaster-white or even shell-white, subtle landscape.

Creation of the Parisian studio Studiofoam © Marwen Fahrat

The experimental design project for the Blush material (made of foam, cotton and porcelain) by designer Caroline Venet, creator of the Parisian studio Studiofoam, is equally white.


Ping, Andreas Rigler (Petite Friture)

Lamp, Constance Guisset

Armchairs from the Portuguese furniture brand Dooq

Armchair, Pia Maria Raeder

Applique Queen, Marlo & Isaure

Assises Modular, Mensah

In contemporary design, creators give life to organic and ambiguous forms, which could very well come straight from space…

Porcelain lace cocoon, Loupmana

Marik Korus, sculptor of contemporary ceramics

Extremely white porcelain by Marik Korus

The porcelain is worked like lace, by the ceramic artists Loupmana, Juliette Clovis, or Marik Korus…

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