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6 avril 2021

Marieke De Ruiter, Trend Forecaster and founder of Trendsenses


As the art of slow living perseveres – in particular the concepts of Niksen, Slow Life and Comfort zones – Limitarianism proves to be deeply important. Being content with little, advocating anti-radicalism, celebrating moderation and going back to basics in order to move towards a more ethical and sustainable world, these are the foundations of this new principle.


So when creation starts, the materials, colors, lines and aesthetics are refined and softened to offer a comforting future and uninhibited security. Fusion between body and clothing, ergonomic design and softened classics… A retrograde state of mind in which minimalism and timelessness align to create a virtuous balance.

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    Less is more

Comfort Zones

RUS x Yellow Nose Studio, © Marina Denisova

Halo Labels, Collection Printemps / Été 2019

Aesthetic dress codes are changing and designers are putting comfort at the forefront to aim for only one thing: to delight the body as much as the mind. In this quest for well-being through clothing, materials soften and shapes open up to greater freedom of movement, like a second skin. Comfort goes beyond aesthetic through the use of mood-enhancing colors and soft, organic, tactile materials that characterize the organics that are king at Halo Labels and RUS, whose design is inspired by the concept of Comfort zones.

Protection masks, Halo Labels Protection masks, Halo Labels

Low Classic Seoul, Spring / Summer 2020, © Hyun Goo Park

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2019

Ergonomic design

The sChair by Smarin

Ekstrem Chair, Terje Ekstrøm for Varier, 1984

Rus The Brand – Ekstrem Chair, Varier Furniture, © Cristan Pena

These aesthetic codes can also be found inside the House. Designers seek protection through materials but also through lines with one goal: to avoid discomfort. The latest example, the sChair is a bouncy seat that induces a naturally healthy posture, adaptable to all body types. A bodily experience that is similar to that of the Ekstrem intelligent seat or the Pepino cylindrical chair.

Pepino Chair, OWL

Pepino Chair, OWL

Tone palette: beige

PAMPUKH sofa by Faina

Acne Studio – Spring 2021 Show

To cope with the anxiety-inducing climate, color plays an important role. Beige is a soft color associated with nature and is the embodiment of optimism. It gives a feeling of security and can be skillfully deployed as an all-over color in all its shades.

Trousers from Halo Labels © Bennie Julian Gay

Nanushka, Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Raphia Shirt, Jacquemus

The re-evaluation of retro themes

Camaleonda Sofa, Mario Bellini

Muse sofa from the SOL Collection, Sarah Ellison, © Dave Wheeler

Yellow House, Armchairs by Liisi Beckmann

Limitarianism is also revealed in the reassessment of retro themes, through timeless pieces rooted in design. Softened classics enveloped in familiar and nostalgic emotions, such as the puffy silhouettes of the Soriana sofa by Tobia Scarpa, or the organic shapes of the Karelia armchair by Liisi Beckmann which emphasize primary comfort.

Rus The Brand, ROSE polo shirt and KYANDORU trousers 

Soriana sofa by Tobia Scarpa

Raw material

Ester Manas, Collection Automn / Winter 2020

Born in a strange world, the new designers respond to the need for reassurance with a minimalist and unique state of mind. The ultimate opportunity for them to create a balance between craftsmanship and industry by coupling ancestral techniques with innovative solutions. Nature inspires, artisanal themes are reinvented and the unique becomes the only factor of desirability.

Acne Studio, 2020 Paris Fashion Week

Nanushka Spring / Summer 2021

Ceramics by Paola Paronetto

Sparse design

Stéphane Parmentier, Travertine bench

Benjamin Guedj, The Wave Bed and Bench

The Circle | Objects by Elisa Ossino for Officine Saffi

Minimalism in all its forms. Designers’ priorities are shifting towards timelessness and durability. With Stéphane Parmentier, Victoria Yakusha or Elisa Ossino, artifice is erased to sublimate the material and the beauty of details.

Faina Chairs by Victoria Yakusha

Stefano Giacomello for Studio Argot

Virtual escapism

© Benjamin Guedj

Charlotte Taylor – Maison de Sable

Charlotte Taylor, Benjamin Guedj, Stefano Giacomello… 3D designers satisfy the desire for visual escape with imaginary landscapes. Comforting virtual worlds that almost make you forget the reality of the real world.

Tubo Collection, © Stefano Giacomello

La Consigne bottle, Goodmoods Editions

Cool Machine Store X Charlotte Taylor and Danil Tabacari

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