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Do nothing


15 January 2021

The art of doing nothing. At a time of imposed global containment, this new slow life concept resonates particularly strongly. It even has a name among our Dutch neighbours: Niksen. In response to burnout and the cult of hyperactivity, Niksen revalues contemplation and uninhibited idleness. Considered yesterday as laziness, today inactivity is assumed and seen as a source of creativity and productivity. Virtues underlined by the rise of meditation, the appearance of napping rooms, the new homewear brands and the sleep business in general. A conscious deceleration that tends towards a form of minimalism more than ever in the air of the times.

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© Giuseppe Palmisano


The Big Lebowski

Billie Eilish – Calvin Klein

While several studies point to millennials as the « burn out » generation, the JOMO (« Joy Of Missing Out ») resonates with them particularly. Staying at home rather than going out, advocating letting go, and even letting go completely. As an assumed claim, singer Benne claims « I’m a loser » like The Dude from the film The Big Lebowski.

Marion Galtier – Co-Founder Do nothing Club

In this context, new kinds of gatherings bring together a community in search of a slowdown. Like the Do Nothing Club, which stands for a state of mind, the right to disconnect, reuniting with one’s childlike soul. This encouragement to slow down comes through experiences that mix talks, workshops and discoveries.

© Do Nothing Club

© Csilla Klenyánszki

« The Dreamery » Room – Casper

© Giuseppe Palmisano

« The Dreamery » Room – Casper

The American startup Casper, a fast-growing bedding brand, opened « The Dreamery » napping rooms in New York. Since then, the idea has taken off and many start-ups like Nap&Up want to adopt the office nap by organising awareness days and offering micro-nap cocoons.

© No Plans

© Mineral

Clearing one’s mind with meditation applications, personalised yoga classes, or rethought beauty rituals… Personal development is reinvented and promotes the growth of bodywear brands, whose sales have soared during confinement.

© OffHours

© Dusendusen – Modeled by Phoebe and Peter of Cold Picnic.

© OffHours

The border between inside and outside fades away and the inspiration for pyjamas comes to the fore. Blue and pink stripes, silk kimonos, bathrobes worn outside like a 2-in-1 jacket (at Offhours, the « inactive-wear » brand). Night suits of all kinds that can even be worn to match ones interior decoration.

Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, September 1991

© Ader Error

© Gucci

© Gucci

Influencers have found their perfect shoe with slippers, a clever mix between moccasins and socks. In summer and winter, these outdoor slippers never leave their feet. Kanye West, as usual, went even further by recently arriving in Yeezy shoes (Yeezy Slides 6) at the wedding of 2 Chainz.

Kanye West

Who has never dreamt of attending a concert or going to the cinema while lying in bed? Berlin composer Max Richter has taken listeners on a unique eight-hour Sleep experience, to be enjoyed lying in bed at the Philharmonie of Paris. Movie lovers also lay down in bed at the Grand Palais during the Cinema Paradiso festival .


MANIA Series – Netflix

Dazed Summer 2017 – Baby You’re A Star

MUSEE 2017 F/W

The art of chilling is spreading as fast as the frenetic pace of new series releases. Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, OCS and MyCanal are keeping this phenomenon alive and streaming is becoming an invitation to let go.

Advertising campaign for the start-up Burrow

© Burrow

The right to disconnection has become a luxury that brands have captured to talk to their overworked consumers. Leading the way is the start-up Burrow and its modular sofas, which wields the art of « No plan is my plans » in its campaigns. More generally, many bedding brands are now reinventing the art of bedding. An even broader sleep business is emerging with connected objects and new types of night-time beauty rituals.

© Bonsoirs

© Hästens

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