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Glass art


il y a 6 mois

By Goodmoods and Plendi by Vinci Construction.

The Material Library – Every month, Goodmoods investigates the materials in the air with Plendi by Vinci Construction, a general contractor specializing in exceptional achievements that juggles with rare materials and unique know-how.


Glass has been used for thousands of years to create jars, jewelry and other decorative objects. Today, glass continues to reinvent itself thanks to artists and glass artisans from around the world. Elisa Strozyk, Boris de Beijer, John Hogan, Lukáš Novák, Jinya Zhao, Helle Mardahl… In their workshops, glass is blown, molded-pressed, tempered, braided, fluted, striated, granulated, curved, colored… And sometimes even diverted, in trompe-l’oeil or colored prism.


Refraction, light transmission, chromatic effects… Like lacquer, it plays on several registers and becomes a material for reflection, a subject for experimentation. A new singular spectrum for glass art. Deciphering.

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    Boris de Beijer

© Jinya Zhao

Colored Prisms

© John Hogan - Photo studio by Amanda Ringstad - Photo installation by Daniel Villareal
Boris de Beijer

Glass artists sublimate glass through color. They play with tones and superimpose nuances to compose precious objects that praise the unique piece. On the creations of Reflections Copenhagen, Boris de Beijer or John Hogan, the play of transparency and reflection highlight the color that passes through the material as through a prism with dichroism effects.

© John Hogan
Reflections Copenhagen stemware
Reflections Copenhagen
Pulse collection by Zaha Hadid Design

The glass in the shape of an ice brick

SIR Brand Flagship in Sydney - By TAMSIN JOHNSON
Courtney Applebaum
Aesop Store - Hong Kong - March Studio

Sometimes, colorless glass is enough on its own to create subtly sophisticated worlds. The latest example: the new Sir Bondi flagship designed by the Tamsin Hohnson studio explores spatiality through the spectrum of translucent brick transformed into a wall. Glass bricks also dress the Aesop store in Hong Kong and the Geijoeng store designed by Studio 10 in Shenzhen in a decor of ice bordering on liquefaction.

Geijoeng Concept Store by Studio 10
Poesia glass bricks from Brickworks
Simon Klenell - Renaissance

Blown glass bubbles

Helle Mardahl
Lauren Manoogian

Invented in the Near East in the 1st century B.C., glassblowing continues to fascinate creative people. It shapes and deforms itself to fit the desires of new designers. The contemporary queen of glassblowing? Helle Mardahl. The Dane shapes boxes, cups, and bowls with the air of acidulous and sticky candies.


When these creations with rounded, blistered, deformed and wavy shapes do not look like candy boxes, they take the aspect of soap bubbles at Lauren Manoogian, Petite Friture…

Fulvio Bianconi
Patere design bubble Petite Friture
Boris de Beijer x Jacquemus

Glass frosts itself

© Jinya Zhao
Larry Bell
Studio Buzao

Another fantastic variation: frosted glass. Many artists play with the effects of opacity to create condensation effects on their creations. Among them, there is the Californian artist Larry Bell and his colored translucent glass boxes inspired by glaciers, or the Chinese design studio Buzao and its progressively colored glass storage elements that seem to diffuse foggy halos of light.


Autre nom dans le panorama verrier : la Chinoise Jinya Zhao défie les limites de l’art à travers le médium du verre et de l’aquarelle. Elle utilise le verre soufflé en couches opaques ou translucides pour brouiller les perceptions de réalité.

Trompe-l’oeil material

Granule Collection - Benjamin Hubert de LAYER - For the Punta Conterie gallery in Venice
Collection Lost and Found by Lukáš Novák

Unusual material games are improvised on glass art. When the material passes through the hands of the Prague artist Lukáš Novák, the Canadian Jeff Martin or the British Benjamin Hubert, glass is reborn in a completely new register. It plays with trompe-l’oeil and imitates the granular effects of precious stones, or the marbled or glazed effects of ceramics…

Jeff Martin
LAYER for the Punta Conterie gallery
Lukáš Novák
Recycled glass table - Justyna Poplawska

Luminous glassware

Neon by Jochen Holz

Glass is particularly vibrant in lighting fixtures. From the traditional Murano glass mushroom lamp to Jochen Holz’s borosilicate glass neon lights, glass re-enchants interior lighting with surreal impressions. Material and color echo, reflect and combine to create light sculptures to be displayed and admired as collector’s items.

Chromo Lamp by MUT Design

Lampe Gratia de Mattia Bonetti
Mushroom lamp, Margiia

Ornamental glass art

Sticky Glass Dishes
© Victoria Zschommler

The delicacy of the work, the finesse of the details… Glass comes in a hyper fragile version on spoons, mirrors, candleholders of contemporary designers and craftsmen – Gerhardt Kellermann, Mattia Bonetti, Elisa Strozyk – finely woven, braided, turned, or randomly drawn… An art craft bordering on jewelry that reinvents and brings a breath of fresh air to the fabulous glass processes.

Mirror of Mattia Bonetti
Glass spoons from Hay
Woven-Glass Collection by Elisa Strozyk
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