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Luke Edward Hall

At only 33 years old, Luke Edward Hall has become a true phenomenon in the world of design. A British dandy with a chic and colorful look, the man who began his training at Central Saint Martins has hit the bull’s eye in every field he undertakes. Decorator, designer, artist… The immeasurable Wes Anderson fan even plays the role of stylist by exhibiting the latest collection of his brand Château Orlando at Le Bon Marché!


His latest project? The Hotel Les Deux Gares. The former bourgeois building nestled in a narrow alley in the tenth arrondissement of the capital has just inaugurated two new suites to complete its offbeat universe. For this colorful and patterned setting, the designer was inspired by a universe between British audacity a la David Hicks, and references to French heritage honoring figures such as Madeleine Castaing or Jean Cocteau. When the union of the frog and the roast beef make good mix…!


Cotswolds Cottage par Luke Edward Hall © Miguel Flores-Vianna

Luke Edward Hall for Gant © Eddie Wrey

What day and time is it? What do you usually do at this time of the week?


« It’s 9:30 a.m. and it’s Thursday. Normally at this time I am in my studio which is in a converted outbuilding on a farm in the English countryside. »

What is your latest project?

Castle Vest – Château Orlando

« I just launched my clothing brand Château Orlando. It’s a brand around the art of knitting. This first collection is specifically inspired by gardens and this idea of a medieval castle. The visual identity and graphic design of the logo was pretty much inspired by typography and cinema from the 1960s and 1970s. »

Castle Polo Cardigan – Château Orlando

What was the starting point for the Hotel les Deux Gares?

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

« We imagined a vibrant and romantic clash between English and French styles. There is my English version of mixing bold colors and patterns and many nods to French design such as antique Empire furniture, toile de Jouy wallpaper, vintage Parisian exhibition posters… »

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

Suite of the Hotel Les Deux Gares © Hervé Goluza

What materials did you use?


« Everything. Linen and velvet, wallpaper, wood for furniture… »

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

What are the inspirations?

Living room decorated by David Nightingale Hicks

Living room decorated by Madeleine Castaing

« I wanted the hotel to feel a bit like a collector’s home. I was also inspired by the movies I love for their settings and my favorite English and French decorators, including David Hicks and Madeleine Castaing. »

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

Hôtel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

One striking detail?


« The electric pea green lobby. »

Suite of the Hotel Les Deux Gares © Hervé Goluza

Suite of the Hotel Les Deux Gares © Hervé Goluza

3 words to describe the Hotel des Deux Gares?


« Bold, informal, joyful! »

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

Broadlands, Hampshire by David Hicks

What has influenced and shaped your tastes?


« I’m influenced by so many different things: music (especially 1980s electronic pop), historical movements and periods (18th century, 1920s London…), interior designers and artists of the past… »

Form, function or fantasy?



Drawings from the exhibition Figs and Honey and Sailings – Luke Edward Hall

« All three are important. But for me, fantasy is paramount. I want to make work that transports the imagination. »

The dreamer’s garden – Life in Vogue – Luke Edward Hall

Your madeleine de Proust?


« The sea air of the English seaside and the smell of fish and chips, they remind me of my childhood… »

Abri , Southsea, Hampshire – Instagram @accidentallywesanderson

A color scheme that has always followed you?


« I will always be drawn to the combination of green, yellow and pink in different forms. »

Hotel Les Deux gares © Benoit Linero

3 artistic favorites?


Call me by your name - Luca Guadagnino

Gucci x Adidas AW 2022/2023 © Filippo Fior

Love is Enought – Andy Warhol & William Morris

« Of all time? It’s hard to choose.  I loved an exhibition featuring the work of Andy Warhol and William Morris at the Modern Art Oxford many years ago. Otherwise, I always enjoy the Gucci fashion shows. For film, I really enjoy the work of Luca Guadagnino. »

3 personalities who influence you?

Tapestry Judith and Holofernes by Jean Cocteau

Papier peint by David Hicks © T. Mather design

« Cecil Beaton, David Hicks and Jean Cocteau. »

Audrey Hepburn © Cecil Beaton

3 inspiring Instagram accounts?

A place to return to every week?


« Rome for its various incredible museums and galleries… »

Vatican Museums © Luke Edward Hall

A classical house in Oxfordshire by Ben Pentreath

The architect who would build your dream home?


« My old boss, Ben Pentreath. He’s the best. I would trust him to design a truly fabulous folly. »

Early Georgian house in Londres by Ben Pentreath

A film set design that stood out for you?

Hotel Chevalier – Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson

Hotel Les Deux Gares ©Benoit Linero

« A lot of Wes Anderson movies, and several Hercule Poirot adaptations in the 1980s, too. »

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