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The mood of

Inès Longevial’s

A tight and off-center framing, ethereal tones, carefully crafted blurs… We thought we knew the vocabulary of the painter Inès Longevial, and yet here we are, puzzled by « Perchée, » her exhibition that begins today at the Ketabi Bourdet gallery.


If the artist continues her introspective research through self-portraits, she shifts from a previously vibrant universe to a minimalist aesthetic, where colors gently blend. Inès continues to explore the realm of sensations, working with the skin, which becomes a membrane between the intimate and the world. In this world, plant ornamentation plays a central role: a pictorial lexicon that questions rootedness and its antagonism through sturdy branches and delicate stems dancing on the canvases.


From dawn to sunset, Inès’ paintings are enchanting. Meeting.


Exhibition « Perchée » until November 10, 2023
Ketabi Bourdet Gallery, 22 Passage Dauphine, Paris 6

Portrait of Inès Longevial

What day and time is it? What do you typically do at this time of the week?


« Friday, October 6th, it’s 2:34 PM. On Fridays at this time, I usually start my weekend and don’t do much. But today is a very busy day! »

© Inès Longevial

Your mood today as we approach this third exhibition?



© Inès Longevial

Your current craving?


« Culinary combinations that excite me. I love creating salads: figs, muscat grapes, fennel, plums, verbena… »

Your Proustian madeleine? 


« The smell of the forest in the autumn, in the morning, in pajamas with a hot coffee. »

« Chair de plume » © Inès Longevial

Your first aesthetic shock?


« I don’t remember it at all, what I do know is that I have hundreds of them every day. »

What has influenced and shaped your taste?


« It’s a big question of philosophy and psychoanalysis, which I couldn’t answer in one sentence. I think, quite modestly, we can say the era in which we live, my upbringing, my subconscious, and my personal experiences. »

© Inès Longevial

How do you play with color?


« My choice of color is deeply linked to my mood. My color palette and the combinations I use are often influenced by my current emotional state. I’m guided by an intuitive desire. »

© Inès Longevial

© Inès Longevial

A color range that has followed you since forever?


« A stormy blue-gray, a nymph’s thigh pink, and a myrtle green. »

Why this leaning toward self-portraits?


« Self-portrait is just a pretext. I have an insatiable flow of painting. In art, there are only three themes: life, love, death. My self-portrait is the only thing that belongs only to me, on which I can project these themes according to my desires and with complete freedom. »

© Inès Longevial

Your painting rituals?


« I have no rituals; I like to be surprised by life. »

© Inès Longevial

How was your exhibition conceived?


« As I have had serious vision problems since I was very young, I have always looked more at the parts than the whole. I built this exhibition like a mosaic to reassemble. Large figures perched in the trees, shadows of leaves or scars, body parts, blue ants, fluffy birds, a pink pinecone… »

« Ciel verdit » © Inès Longevial

Does this exhibition represent a turning point in your work?


« Not necessarily a turning point, but more of a continuation. From the beginning, I have always sought to explore new ideas, techniques, and concepts. Each new series of works I create is a step in this ongoing evolution. So, this exhibition represents the natural continuation of my artistic journey. »

What feeds your creative moods?


« My failures, my desires, my expectations. I find inspiration in everything and anything. »

© Inès Longevial

« Olive oil on Dragon fruit », 2022 © Inès Longevial

The book or magazine you love to flip through?


« At the moment, I’m flipping through ‘Chats d’atelier’ by Leonore Fini. »


« Over the Rainbow » exhibition, Centre Pompidou

A fashion show? 


« A few years ago, I loved fashion, and I could draw inspiration from it, but that’s no longer the case today. »


An art exhibition? 


« Over the Rainbow, at the Centre Pompidou. »


A film?


« Our Body by Claire Simon. »


Notre Corps, Claire Simon

The latest designer you spotted?


« Alexander Kirkeby. »

Collection of glasses by Alexander Kirkeby © Claus Troelsgaard


The artists who influence you? 


« Niki de Saint Phalle and Colette. »

Niki de Saint Phalle


The artists or personalities you’d like to have dinner with?


« Dali, Gala, Kurt Cobain, Simone de Beauvoir, Billie Holiday, Albert Camus, Frida Kahlo, Amy Winehouse, Léonore Fini, Paul Verlaine, and me under the table. »

Simone de Beauvoir, Passport Photo

Frida Kahlo, Coyoacán, Mexique © Leo Matiz

Three timeless clothing items?


« Jeans, a white cotton panty hanging loose, and the T-shirt my mother gave birth to me in. »

2019 © Inès Longevial

2019 © Inès Longevial

The last place that impressed you or one you would like to discover?


« Vivace restaurant in Trébeurden. »

A cultural place you could go to every week? 


« The Centre Pompidou. »

Centre Pompidou

A film set that struck you?


« The opening of ‘Talk to Her’ by Pedro Almodóvar. »

© Inès Longevial

Habla con Ella, Pedro Almodovar

For or against Instagram?


« I don’t presume to choose a side; I use it as a diary to spontaneously share my work. »

« Waiting for your call », 2020 © Inès Longevial

Portrait of Inès Longevial © Fiona Suzanne Torre

© Inès Longevial

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