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« The notion of colour is absolutely paramount on my plates. »

D'une île

Bertrand Grébaut, an eco-responsible chef with multiple commitments: essentially plant-based cuisine, prioritising short circuits and seasonal fruit and vegetables. The decoration of his restaurants, contemporary, takes on rustic, raw and sincere accents, in the image of his cuisine. In his plates, noble products at the service of his committed creativity. Soft chromatic choices, minerals, tones on tones. One strong identity, three restaurants: Septime, Clamato, and one last one in the Perche, D’une île.


Emblematic chef of the Parisian bistronomy, he hovers around the universe of Bertrand Grébaut with a decidedly bohemian mood.

3 words to define the Perch ? 

Peace, inspiration, nature.

Do you have any desires for the next few days?

Spend some time at D’une île. I also dream of melting half a raclette wheel by the fireplace.

D'une île

The essential elements of restaurant decoration?

I find it difficult to theorise on this subject. It seems to me that the important thing is that it should be personal, in line with the content of the plate. That’s why we’ve never used an architect before. 

D'une île
D'une île
D'une île
D'une île

3 Parisian addresses?

The Double Dragon, The Clarence, Tsukizi.

The inspirations behind the Septime ?

At Septime, with Théo Pourriat, my partner, we wanted to create a harmony between mineral and vegetable cuisine and the architecture of the very wabi-sabi place. We used raw materials while respecting the codes of the Parisian bistro.

Théo Pourria & Bertrand Grébaut at Septime

"Erase your grip."

A mantra ?

« Erase your grip ». A phrase that Alain Passard repeated every day at the arpeggio. Applied to cooking, one could say that it consists in minimising the intervention of the cook on the products in order to let them express themselves.

Bertrand Grébaut
3 words to describe your cuisine ?

A cuisine of reference, durable and contemporary.

Bertrand Grébaut's Cuisine By Catherine Flohic (Interviews with Bertrand Grébaut) Photography by François Flohic Published by Argol

A colour on your plates?


The notion of colour is absolutely essential on my plates. I can’t manage to design a dish that’s too mismatched and colourful, I like tones on tones. Chromatic work also allows you to discover harmony. For example, sea urchin / squash, blackcurrant / beetroot etc.

D'une île
D'une île

A popular food of the moment?

The Cédrat of Mas Bachès.

An essential food in your kitchen?

The fig leaf. The season is unfortunately over, but in infusions it is extraordinary. It also gives ice creams, broths, marinades, an exhilarating scent of garrigue and coconut.


A film that inspired you when you set up your restaurants?

The Grand Restaurant for the Septime of course.
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