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Doppio Project

The creative studio Forget Me Not has no boundaries or limits. Printed, sewn, embroidered, engraved, digital, 2D or 3D, on silk, ceramic, wallpaper or plastic. This year, its founder Coco Brun has struck again. Her latest project? Doppio, a series of vase cases, in recycled leather, to be placed on a glass or a simple water bottle.


This hybrid leather cover, with surrealist accents, was made from scraps from the workshops of French luxury houses and their sought-after suppliers. Coco Brun has the art and the skill to recycle while reinventing the vase, with delicacy and finesse. The designer Simon Porte Jacquemus was not mistaken and bought all the pieces of the first series for his restaurant Oursin in the heart of the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées!


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