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Reinventing Marble

Gravity Desk de Dieter Vander Velpen ©


2 December 2022

By Goodmoods and Plendi by Vinci Construction.

Age-old know-how • A monthly deciphering of the art and the way of doing things right, imagined by Plendi by Vinci Constructiona general contractor specialising in exceptional projects that juggle rare materials and unique know-how.


The thousand-year-old use of marble for the architecture of ancient Greece and the ornamentation of the Italian Renaissance continues its eternal trajectory in contemporary creation. Less sophisticated than onyx, but just as refined, veined marble has dusted off its austere and outdated image through a thousand and one aesthetics.


Salvatori, Anthony Guerrée and M Editions, Studiopepe and the BOON_ROOM gallery, Theodore Psychoyos, Erik Olovsson: these are the names of the editors and designers who work with the great marble masons to reinvent stone from the four corners of the world, giving life to inert volumes taken from quarries with a statutory language. Moodboard.

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Marble as a decorative coating

Marmi Maximum by Fiandre

Hamptons Villa by Monica Fried Design © Nicole Franzen

Yesterday a bit old-fashioned, marble carves out a more contemporary image. Always available in a single-material version from the walls to the floor, including the elements and fronts of the kitchen and the bathroom, it reveals its natural marbling in an eclecticism of styles, sometimes sober and refined, sometimes worked and distinguished.


Solo Sokos Hotel Torni by Fyra © Riikka Kantinkoski

Alboni in Paris by Joseph Dirand

Apartment overlooking Central Park by Salvatori

An eclecticism that can be found as much in the styles as in the work of the marble. The limestone is sometimes left raw to let its polychromatic ribboned grain speak for itself, sometimes magnified according to the ancient art of opus sectile, marble marquetry creating a « patchwork of stone » effect, or it is cut, sculpted, striated, vaguered to the millimeter to reveal its finesse despite its robustness.

Apartment in Gdansk by Akurat © Pion Studio

Very Simple Kitchen in collaboration with Tekla Evelina Severin © Fredrik Bengtsson

Omphalos by John Pawson for Salvatori

The Flirt table and chair by Luca Nichetto for Salvatori

New Antic Retail

Acne Studios Flagship in Stockholm by Arquitectura-G © Jose Hevia

SPMA store by Atelier TAO+C © Wen Studio

Symbol of elegance and refinement, marble is ingeniously used by the luxury brands to compose luxurious sales spaces. At Acne Studios in Stockholm, SPMA in Shanghai or UC Naturel in Guangzhou, the store is transformed into a marble quarry or an antique palace. A New Antic approach with a touch of preciousness that brings Greco-Roman style back into fashion.

Aromatherapy store in Guangzhou by Leaping Creative © Zaohui Huang

Mystical Solace by De-Allegri and Fogale © Delfino SL

Shopping list

Anthony Guerée’s marble « Fragments »

Fragments collection of Anthony Guerrée and M éditions, Fondation Le Corbusier © Alexandre Tabaste

An antique aesthetic reinvented by the Parisian designer Anthony Guerrée with M Editions (« Les Marbreries de la Seine ») through a series of furniture and objects carved in marble extracted from the courtyard of the marble factory of Pavillons-sous-bois. Entitled « Fragments » and presented by the Fondation Le Corbusier, the collection questions two myths of architecture: the three ancient Greek orders (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) and Le Corbusier.

Fragments collection of Anthony Guerrée and M éditions, Fondation Le Corbusier © Alexandre Tabaste

Fragments collection of Anthony Guerrée and M éditions, Fondation Le Corbusier © Alexandre Tabaste

Studiopepe’s recycled marble

At Paris Design Week, Studiopepe and the BOON_ROOM gallery presented a collection of marbled furniture called « Ritagli » (Italian for « to cut »). Its specificity? It is composed of recycled marble scraps associated randomly, alternating and confronting the finishes and shades of limestone in an exercise of prodigious style.

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Studiopepe x BOON_ROOM © Studio Brinth

Marble retouched with contemporaneity

Loggia by Pierre Gonalon © Arjan Mak

Indefinite Vase by Studio E.O

With an ever more experimental approach, artists and designers are transforming millennial stones into reinvented everyday objects. In the cutting-edge creations of Theodore Psychoyos, Hoi Kaloi, Erik Olovsson, Bloc Studios and Salvatori, limestone is shown to be uninhibited, emancipated from its snobbish and fixed image.

Collection Raw Objects by Theodore Psychoyos © Giorgos Sfakianakis & Michel Sedan

Eye family by Bloc Studios

Conduit Lamp by Hoi Kaloi © Nikos Alexopoulos

The Village collection Novecento by Rodolfo Dordoni for Salvatori

Marbled wardrobe

Peter Do SS23, Look 53 © Gorunway

Fashion, always on the lookout for new prints, is also making a career out of marble this season. Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do or Dries Van Notten draw their patterns from the majestic veins of marble and sign moiré collections that plunge the wardrobe into the deposits of Carrara or Alentejo.

Kiko Kostadinov FW22, Look 14

Dries Van Noten SS23, Look5

KIKS Store by Rooi Design & Research © Weiqi Jin

A deciphering imagined with the complicity of Plendi by Vinci Construction, which juggles with rare materials and singular know-how for its exceptional achievements.

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