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2 months ago

From the bubble dress to experimental furniture, the all-rounder Pierre Cardin has asserted himself by bringing together fashion and design. While the Space Age aesthetic marked by the utopian aspirations of the sixties is resurfacing, his retro-futuristic universe resonates more than ever in collective memories. Its mantra? Creating clothes and furniture « for a life that does not yet exist, for the world of tomorrow ». A retrospective at the similarities of a genius.


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As usual, Pierre Cardin has stepped out of the shackles of modernity by making green his favorite color, considered by the visionary to be both a soothing and invigorating hue, a symbol of nature and well-being.

« I like to draw in the absolute, without constraints of angles, corridors, rooms or walls. Making sleeves for dresses or legs for a table is the same thing. » The designer is always juggling between interior design and Haute Couture without making a difference.

Squares, triangles, and especially circles associated with the shape of the Moon fascinate him… The geometrical silhouettes that highlight the body and its movements, give rhythm to Pierre Cardin’s aesthetic.

« It’s stupid to place a piece of furniture against a wall, if my furniture is double-sided, you have to see it from all angles. From the front to the back« . Indeed, most of the pieces and furniture designed by Cardin are conceived to be displayed and admired at 360° like sculptures.

“Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion” at the Brooklyn Museum

Pierre Cardin designs avant-garde collections inspired by science fiction, man’s first steps on the moon and modern everyday objects.

From the bubble dress to the Mao suit, not forgetting the moulded dress in synthetic fibres, his passion for futuristic shapes is shaking up fashion.

Trapezoid or tubular shapes, glossy materials – vinyl, lacquer, synthetic fibres – and brilliant colors, the couturier developed his own aesthetic vocabulary and cultivated a relationship with the conquest of space that was very much his own, between audacity and refinement.

For many of his creations, Cardin created visual links and connections. A kind of provocation designed to encourage French designers to step out of their comfort zone and create more creative and experimental pieces.

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