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Frosted Materials

Théorème Edition


15 January 2021

Milky shades. A velvety finish that confuses and erases bright colours. Resin, once criticised and often used for mass productions, returns to spread a note of poetry in fashion shows, stages, interiors and above all furniture. Difficult to process, it gives the rooms blurred and luminous shapes, with a subtle play of colours and transparency. In its foggy wake, silicone, glass or even plastic are veiled to gently reinvent themselves as well. Light on this semi-opacity.


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Sohyun Yun

Sohyun Yun

Are the masters of resin and acrylic South Korean? This is what the works of artists Wonmin Park and Yun Sohyun suggest. The duo manages to capture the nebulous aspect of the mist by playing with transparency, light and colour. Like perfectly cut and assembled blocks of coloured ice, the pieces show a sensitive, delicate, almost dreamlike modernity. Genuine « art furniture » with a frosted finish.

Wonmin Park

Lacoste Autumn / Winter 2013

Wonmin Park

Wonmin Park

Sohyun Yun

3D by © Benjamin Guedj @oursroux

Niko Koronis

Théorème Edition

Théorème Edition

Resin also flows at Théorème Editions to form compact and smooth artwork, like ice. A refreshing poetry – geometric and symmetrical – that differs from that of Sabine Marcelis’ and Wentrcek/Zebulon’s creations with their warm and sweet appearance, like nougat or caramel.

Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon

Sabine Marcelis et Paul Cournet

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis

The aspects of resin are infinite. It sometimes loses its transparency to reveal a milky and nebulous aspect. A particular treatment found in the milky and evanescent creations of Sabine Marcelis, the master in this field.

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis

Lacoste Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

By Humandkind

Binu Binu

Rising stars of cosmetology, solid soaps and shampoos are also covered with a cloud of milk. They adopt a semi-opaque appearance and pure lines that blur the boundaries between design and cosmetics.

Totem Talisman, Sabine Marcelis

Clothing, Styling Lotta Volkova

Mickael Boulay

Emma Sicher et Margarita Talep

Resin, acrylic or organic materials? Designers Emma Sicher and Margarita Talep explore the shapes, textures and colours of biodegradable elements such as the skin of fruits and vegetables to create non-polluting packaging. The result: eco-friendly, colourful utensils that fit in with designer codes.

Emma Sicher et Margarita Talep

Maison Margiela Fall 2013 Couture Fashion Show

When resin takes over design, it is gelatine that confuses the kitchen world. Marshmallow pink, pistachio green, lavender violet and frosted mint blue, these sorbet colours are perfectly mastered on plates as well as on the creations of inspired designers. A trend that intertwines the two fields (to be rediscovered in the Foodorama moodboard).

Peter Alexander

Framemust par Femme Atelier

This semi-opacity can be created with overlapping and controlled shading; it can be worked using resin sheets but also glass or plexiglass. Whatever the material and the way, its appearance is more sensory than ever.

Adrian Cruz


The Peekaboo bag revisited by Sabine Marcelis

Fendi by Sabine Marcelis

Resin invites itself to Miami in the Fendi house, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Peekaboo bag and 10 years of presence at Design Miami. For the occasion, Sabine Marcelis unveiled an installation conceived as a cascade of ten moulded resin fountains, with clean lines and warm colours, as well as a limited edition of the Peekaboo.

Sabine Marcelis and Paul Cournet

Maison Margiela

Opening Ceremony – Burberry by Sabine Marcelis

Celine Boutique, Paris

Retail is becoming a resinous playground where we can continuously have fun with Sabine Marcelis. In Opening Ceremony shops, Burberry’s signature tartan is cast in resin panels to form backdrops for display. In Celine’s case, translucent cubes are transformed into steles in pastel shades.

Opening Ceremony – Burberry by Sabine Marcelis

Garance Vallée – 3D by Benjamin Guedj @oursroux

Facture Studio


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