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British countryside


15 January 2021

British classicism has a subtle iconic charm. It is a style endorsed by fashion shows and by new hotels, revisited farmhouses and outdated manors, where an intimate and sophisticated inspiration is found. Between aristocracy and secret clubs, the Royal Family and renowned Public Schools, English references abound. It is in the countryside that the codes of elitist British culture are best expressed.


From falsely wild gardens to Elizabethan architecture, including the neo-bourgeois trend or indeed schoolgirl style, dashing to the countryside is in vogue. And the choice is vast: Soho Farmhouse, The Pig, Firmdale… From modernized farms to conceptual cottages or authentic retreats, hidden gems make it possible to discover the English hinterland. A style very much claimed by actors with a modern sensibility such as Little Greene, a master in the design of paintings and wallpaper, and followed by a panel of designers who embody British excellence. Shall we?





    Earl Grey


    Dashing to the countryside

Elegant bourgeoisie and royal opulence

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Pre-Fall 2020

Aged brass, dark wood, soft velvet, precious fabrics, printed wallpaper and dull colors skillfully coordinated. One could claim English codes have such a sophisticated and intimate aesthetic because they originate in the elegance of the British bourgeoisie and the opulence of royalty.

Peinture Baked Cherry – Little Greene

Hotel Endsleigh library

M le monde, Edie Campbell

Peinture Oak Apple – Little Greene

The colours of England

Alexandra Hochguertel by Fred Meylan for Glamour

The English label, Little Greene, successfully embodies British heritage by bringing a modern twist to countryside aesthetics. Absolute Matt Emulsion is one of the brand’s most popular paints due to its classic chalky matt finish, whose dark shades give depth to spaces, reflecting the climate and the reliefs of Great Britain.

Peinture Pleat – Little Greene

Papier-peint Pomegranate Bazaar – Little Greene

Burberry Resort 21


Papier-peint Pavona Gina – Little Greene

From countryside to fashion shows

Défilé Chanel automne-hiver 2018-2019

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi PF19

The humid atmosphere of the countryside, greenhouses and sheds is almost palpable on the fashion designers’ catwalks. Aristocracy, the Edwardiana silhouette, and the romanticism of the countryside are re-appropriated by Chanel in a contemplation of English nature. Beside, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is immersed in the story of Vita Sackville-West, a British queer poet and gardener from the 1930s.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi PF19

Rural getaway

The Pig Hôtel

Soho Farmhouse

The golden autumn of the English countryside is relished in discreetly luxurious establishments, by a clientele that must be a member of the club. This is the case at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, a one hour and thirty-minute journey from London. Inspired by rustic American cabins, this perfect country club was designed for urban dwellers in search of peace and quiet. Many activities and amenities are offered to visitors allowing them to embrace a sophisticated culture: spa, tennis, horse riding, designer concept store, cinema, and a British restaurant make the experience unique.


Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse

Durslade Farmhouse

Durslade Farmhouse

Durslade Farmhouse stands out with its ambitious rural art center. Trendy art duo, Manuela Hauser and Iwan Wirth have invested with passion in this timeless getaway in the Somerset countryside. With the help of the Argentinean architect Luis Laplace, they have imagined a unique spot where a sculpture by Calder overlooks an organic field.

Chiltern Firehouse

A trend inspired by exclusive clubs

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

Etro Prêt à Porter – Automne Hiver 2019 – 2020

The style ‘like a Brit’ is both the caricature and the expression of the British elite. Cardigan knotted on the shoulders, tweed suits, briefcases and coat-of-arms in evidence… The description of the English gentleman draws its inspiration from the aristocratic heritage reminiscent of The Riot Club – a film inspired by the Bullingdon Club of which Boris Johnson was a member – which depicts a secret club for the elite society of Oxford University.

Christian Dior Prêt à Porter – Automne Hiver 2020 -2021

Dsquared2 PF20

Dsquared2 PF20

Equestrian capes, leather miniskirts, checkered parkas with conspicuous coat-of-arms… The culture of rugby, rowing and cricket clubs in prestigious boarding schools have shaped fashion, inspiring collections that are often sportswear while remaining classy.


Polo Ralph Lauren FW20

British eclecticism

Firmdale Hotel

Firmdale Hotel

The English bucolic style is singularized and modernized with patterns, slightly offbeat mixes and colorful notes. Impossible to miss Kit Kemp’s Firmdale boutique-hotels, characterized by their very private and resolutely eclectic interiors, playing both with colors and with prints.


Firmdale Hotel

English curiosities

At the Chapel dans la campagne du Somerset

The Clockspire restaurant

Lunch in a refurbished country chapel? Impossible is not English. The restaurants and rooms of The Clockspire and At the Chapel hotels are unforgettable due to their modern decorations in old religious buildings. The cherry on top is that The Clockspire, designed by Studio Indigo, is ranked one of the world’s most beautiful restaurants in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2020.

The Clockspire restaurant

Dashing to the countryside…

Retreat East

Babington House

In the same spirit as reviving historic buildings of the British countryside, holistic retreats are appearing in century-old farms and manor houses. These perpetuate English heritage in the most convivial and sustainable way possible

Babington House

Wild Rabbit

The English countryside in Paris

Peinture Blue Verditer – Little Greene

If you would like to inject a bucolic English note to your interior, you can discover Little Greene‘s showroom in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.

One can unearth a thousand and one shades of British charm and make the most of precious advice, both technical and aesthetic.

Showroom Little Greene
21 Rue Bonaparte, Paris 6eme

Peinture Ashes of roses – Little Greene

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