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After 6 years, 250 moodboards and hundreds of talents scouted on the media, Goodmoods puts its prospective analysis at the heart of its premium digital notebooks: seasonal trendbooks accessible to all and customised trendbooks for brands. Decoding, curation and storytelling provide a 360° perspective on tomorrow’s lifestyle trends. A concentrate of inspirations, which can be adapted into editorial content, to feed the moods of creative teams.


Clients: Atol, Diptyque,, Smallable, Zara Home.

Trendbook 22/23
  • Moodboards in the Goodmoods office © Maxime Meignen

  • Trendbook Lifestyle « Rétro-Fantaisie » by Goodmoods

  • Trendbook Lifestyle « Rétro-Fantaisie » by Goodmoods

  • Trendbook Lifestyle »Rétro-Fantaisie » by Goodmoods


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