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Romain Laprade - RIMOWA 2018


6 months ago

More transparent, less arrogant, luxury, yesterday for the other, becomes a luxury for oneself, a means of personal fulfillment. Its new requirements? Surround yourself with noble and responsible materials. Collecting rare and custom-made objects. To own intangible works of art and to have access to exclusive life experiences… In this quest, the boundary between the home and the hotel becomes blurred. The guest becomes a resident, a privileged member, a nomadic worker, a traveler in search of disconnection or a special guest.


To illustrate this « Renewal of luxury », the annual theme of the Maison&Objet show, and to showcase the exhibitors’ new products, GOODMOODS presents SO HOME HOTEL. A (very) special hotel designed as an infinitely private landmark where ultra-comfort, cutting-edge technology, the metaverse, arts and crafts, and a thousand and one attentions outline a new luxury that is more intriguing, exclusive and intimate. Immersion.



1. Exotic vestibule


2. Snowy Cottage


3. Space Bar-car


4. Classy Grand Hotel


5. Executive Suite


6. Oasis Patio

Sketch by Goodmoods


Sketch by Goodmoods

The curtain rises on the first of the six singular settings of the SO HOME HOTEL: the Exotic Vestibule. A charming hacienda whose singular lobby revives the colonial style with a refined exoticism. This former mansion, now a boutique hotel, looks like a cabinet of curiosities.


Mexico, Spain or Zubrowk – Wes Anderson’s imaginary country? The aged materials, the meticulously worked curves, the floral compositions (Arturo Arita), or the walls with a lime patina (Mercadier) transport visitors to an unknown tropical country.

Lime patina walls by Mercadier

Film Hotel Budaptest by Wes Anderson

For the few very exclusive members of the hotel, a bellman stands by to unload guests and redirect them down a luxurious red carpeted aisle, where a concierge behind an intimate counter ensures that their desires are instantly satisfied. 

Studio Roof + Atelier toit

Work by Jamie Scott, Artpoint Gallery

Jacquard curtains by Métaphores

In the four corners of the lobby, Moroccan zelliges (Ateliers Zelij), neo-classical floor tiles, graphic Jacquard curtains (Métaphores), a velvet carpet walkway and a captivating digital work by Jamie Scott (Artpoint) echo each other through a carmine red of absolute elegance.


The repetition of the patterns and the mix of genres summon the resolutely whirling and offbeat spirit of the film The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Work by Steaven Richard

Balloon Spirale hanging lamps by Magic Circus Editions

To ensure a highly memorable and identifiable experience, the hotel’s floors are offered to travelers via a gold-colored elevator specially designed for the premises by master builder Steaven Richard.


Sketch by Goodmoods

Fireplace, essentialist architecture and ice lace… Welcome to the lounge of a very confidential cottage nestled in a remote snowy mountain. In this cottage, the minimalist and uncluttered decor borrows its essence from Japanese wabi-sabi: exposed wooden beams, aged parquet floors, and furniture made of recycled materials. The atmosphere is that of a retreat where one reconnects with the elements through carefully chosen raw materials. 


Here as elsewhere, guests are pampered. Every corner of the room invites residents to gather warmly around the fire and enjoy the ultra-personalized services.

Curtains by Métaphores

Switzerland, Finland or Lapland? Outside, the powerful but silent nature stretches as far as the eye can see and questions its location. A window offers a view on a modern residence, hidden between snowy fir trees. This world on the edge of reality is a virtual work of art by 3D designer Andrés Reisinger. 

3D work by Andrés Reisinger

Toupy collection by Mademoiselle Joe studio

Pieces by Ethnicraft

Inside, the aesthetics are softened and balanced to offer a sensitive and comforting space for relaxation. References to nature, to wood, to snow, permeate each interstice: the fireplace seems to be gouged out of wood bark (ELITIS) while the windows are hidden by ice-printed curtains (Métaphores). Opposite, charcoal black seats and an oak sofa invite you to sit and contemplate the raw beauty of nature.

Non Fleur Collection by Mobje

No need to travel to appreciate contemporary art, here, it is the art gallery that comes to the host: the walls with a lime patina (Mercadier) are sublimated by a mural made of wool and hand-knotted rope (Véronique de Soultrait). On the floor, a tufted wool carpet with organic shapes (Pinton) is exposed like a canvas on the ground.

Richard chair and Judy table by ecoBirdy

In the four corners of the room, bottles sewn and knitted by hand in Japan, burnt wood accessories are displayed like mystical totems and compete for attention with small grigris and vacation souvenirs.

Timber sofa by Charles Kalpakian X Kann


Sketch by Goodmoods

Rounded portholes, refined palette, soft touch materials, integrated technologies… Here you are aboard the space bar car, a capsule launched at full speed where only a few members and wealthy aesthetes have the luxury of enjoying a drink in weightlessness. The year is 2050 and space expansion has been transformed into a tourist conquest by visionary oligarchs.

Sassi armchair by La Manufacture

This cosmic boat with a futuristic aesthetic propels the hotel industry towards new horizons. Eco-designed chubby seats, ultra-design ceramic toilets, heliotherapic lighting and neon lights… The décor is that of an ultra-optimized cocoon with hyper-advanced technologies where you can take refuge in the enveloping shapes and cottony colors. Everything is designed to make you feel at home, in an exceptional setting.

Be Good coffee table by Red Editions

Toilet Icone01 by Trone

On the walls, a white 3D wall covering (Arte) creates a second layer of protection, and delicately marks the separation between the bar and the outside void. Lampposts seem to float lightly and underline the contours of this engineering jewel. 

Arte wall covering

A virtual work by 3D designer Alexis Christodoulou that scrolls the inverted sand dunes through the window of a mysterious bar car, Inception-style, joins the stellar show. Does the multiverse exist?

Cybord lighting by Karim Raship edited by Martinelli Luce

3D artwork by Alexis Christodoulou

Faïencerie de Charolles


Sketch by Goodmoods

Further on, the Classy Grand Hotel corridor plays the extension between the Space Bar-car and the Executive Suite, the hotel’s monumental room. It takes up the classic codes of the grand hotel: ostentatious velvet carpeting with psychedelic prints (Codimat), retro aesthetics, eerie lighting and perfect symmetry… The corridor, which stretches as far as the eye can see, seems to be inspired by Kubrik’s famous film Shining.

Wall lamps Magic Circus Editions

Hanging between numbered doors, whose contents remain mysterious, sconces project an ethereal atmosphere that contrasts with the rest of the aisle. Here again, it is the gallery that comes to the host. Hypnotizing digital works imagined by artist Yves Peitzner (Artpoint) intrude into the decor to add an extra touch of mystery. 

Film Shining by Stanley Kubrick

Digital work by Yves Peitzner, Artpoint gallery

Digital work by Yves Peitzner, Artpoint gallery


Sketch by Goodmoods

Late afternoon, the setting sun gently illuminates the executive suite of the SO HOME HOTEL. Designed for year-round or daily strolls, this room is an anchor point in the city for relaxing, working, exchanging and sleeping. Monumental yet resolutely intimate, the executive suite has the old-fashioned charm of a mythical hotel. 

From the window, there is a breathtaking view of the capital: is it Rome and its Colosseum, Paris and the Pont-Neuf, or New York and its Grand Central Station? If outside the city is hectic, inside, the atmosphere is calm, and three living spaces – the bathroom, the office and the reading corner – allow you to enjoy this tranquility. The precious woods (Italian walnut, ash, American cherry, marquetry), the muffled palette, the custom-made fabrics, the curtains (Métaphores) and the curtains (Aldeco) create a fantastical decor.

Opulence carpet by Victor Cadene published by Ateliers Pinton

In the center of the room, high-end bedding and a cashmere-clad headboard (Lit National x Loro Piana) invite you to snuggle up comfortably, while the supremely soft bedding offers a hand-sewn night’s sleep.

Lit National X Loro Piana

Bar Kann design

Radiofonografo rr226 fo-st by Brionvega

On the lounge side, a seriously retro rolling mini-bar invites guests to pour themselves a drink and enjoy the jazz notes played by a vintage speaker.

Lens coffe table, Paolo Castelli

The large suite is awakened by flat tones of color, notably on a contemporary tufted wool carpet by Pinton x Victor Cadene that makes abstract forms dance with opulence. But also on the Moroccan zelliges (Ateliers Zelij) in the bathroom and the minimalist dressing table by Maison Dada.

Dressing table by Maison Dada

Tile by Ateliers Zelij


Sketch by Goodmoods

The visit ends in the heart of the solar desert of the Gulf of Oman, Nubia or the Sahara, in a patio with the appearance of a much hoped-for oasis. Arabesques, walls with a whitewash patina (Mercadier), monumental sculpture, woven wicker, golden geometries, precious fabrics… An oriental luxury that skillfully mixes the picturesque and the modern sets the tone.

Artemis mirror by Ben & Aja Balnc studio edited by Triode

Morocco comes to life here through golden zelliges finely reinterpreted by a wallpaper scattered with trompe-l’oeil tiles (ASTERÉ x Ateliers Zelij).

ASTERÉ x Ateliers Zelij

Dina chairs by Adam Nathaniel Furmande edited by Beit Collective

If oases are scarce, the patio is a true Garden of Eden. The lush nature meets the dry and arid landscape of the desert and offers a refreshing shade to the outdoor novelties. An exoticism abounds in a green panorama-mirage (De Gournay) and reinforces the idea of a plant paradise with multiple perfumes.


The sunlight, powerful, passes through linen curtains with old-fashioned stripes (Métaphores) like a divine light.

Wallpaper by Gournay

The palm trees and date palms of the desert seem to be masterfully reincarnated through a wooden sculpture created by the artist Michel Bérard in the 1980s (Galerie Modernité).

Armchair by Sifas

Pierre Gonalons X Métaphores X Paradisioterrestre

Lapel collection by Mobje

GOODMOODS thanks Aldeco, Alexis Christodoulou, Andrés Reisinger, Arte, La Galerie Artpoint, Arturo Arita, Asteré, Atelier Caralarga, Atelier Steaven Richard, Ateliers Zelij, Codimat Collection, Élitis, De Gournay, Richard Tabachnik de Galerie Modernité, Le Lit National, Mercadier, Mériguet-Carrère Paris, Métaphores, Pinton and Véronique de Soultrait



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