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The mood of

Jordane Arrivetz

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

After a stint at the Camondo school, Jordane Arrivetz studied with some of the great names in design: the iconic India Mahdavi and the innovative Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. This was followed by several years at the iconic Louis Vuitton designing boutiques as well as a period as artistic director of the Costes design office.

Reminded of her desire for independence, the architect founded her own studio l’agence notoire in 2017 with the ambition of bringing brand DNA, spaces and furniture into dialogue.

Since then, her inspirations and creations have been invading the contemporary design landscape. Hotel Nuage in the heart of Paris, Chalet de Pierres on the peaks of Courchevel, Jean-François Piège’s gourmet restaurant in Gordes… The designer brilliantly makes the soul of the places she is in charge of speak for itself.

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

What day & time is it? 


« Sunday 3pm. I pretend to work while my kids pretend to take a nap. »

Your mood of the day?


« Studious. »

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

Restaurant Sonia by Notoire © Clément Vayssieres

Your creative desires of the moment?


« Poetry. Current events make us want more than ever to create vibrant and immersive experiences that highlight nature, and the human through eclecticism, know-how, and encounters. »

Restaurant Sonia by Notoire © Clément Vayssieres

What project are you most busy with lately?


« There are many! A hotel in Saint-Tropez, a hotel in Burgundy, a castle in Colmar, a club in Paris… »

Chambolle Musigny in progress © Notoire

What inspires you to start a project?


« The history of the place and its environment are the primary sources of inspiration for a project. »

Sandra » sofa – Annie Hieronimus for Cinna

A fetish material?


« I use classic materials, sure values such as leather, wood, stone – but above all I like to play on rhythm and texture!

For So’ Paris, we are making quilted leather walls, inspired by the Sandra sofa designed by Annie Hieronimus for Cinna. »

What shaped your taste?

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

« As a child, I used to wander between my father’s architectural firm and my grandfather’s contemporary furniture store… This forged my tastes and inspirations! I was well educated from a very young age.


Traveling also allowed me to see many different things, to confront different styles and to have a very open mind, in general. »

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

Form, fonction or fantasy ?

Hippodrome d’Auteuil – Notoire

« All three! In the hotel industry, you can’t separate form from function: the operational part is the heart of the matter. And the fantasy is the grain of salt that adds to the whole and makes customers want to come back. »

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

Vôtre gamme de couleur ?

« I work a lot with white, cream because it is the best canvas to highlight objects and materials, textures… »

Hôtel Nuage par Jordane Arrivetz à Paris

Hotel Nuage by Notoire © Ambroise Tezenas

Your last favorite ?


« The book La Papeterie Tsubaki by Ogawa Ito, a literary, graphic, gustatory, vegetable journey… »

Your next design purchase?


« The Ada Table Lamp by Tacchini. »



« Gino Sarfatti’s 600P table lamp for Arteluce, Michael Graves’ 9093 kettle for Alessi and Warren Platner’s chair edited by Knoll. »

Artists who influence you?

Scenography Dior SS16 – Bureau Betak

© Gucci

« I look a lot at what’s being done in fashion because designers are daring more. »


Je suis de près ce que propose le Bureau Betak tout comme la marque Gucci. Tous deux ont en commun de créer des univers oniriques, fascinants et inspirants. »

Jacquemus fashion show – Scéno Bureau Betak

3 inspiring Instagram accounts?


« I admire those people who manage to be bold while still being very accurate. »

The cultural place you could go back to every week?

« Naoshima. It’s an island in Japan where Tadao Ando has built several museums and a hotel. You come across the works of a number of contemporary artists everywhere.


The works of Monet and Turell in the Chichū Museum of Art also remain an unforgettable experience. »

The architect who would build your dream home?

Casa Luz, Careyes, Mexico – Luis Laplace

« I would ask Luis Laplace, a villa on the Mexican coast…in reference to his lavish Casa Luz project. »

A film set ?


« The settings in the film Dune made a big impression on me. There are tensions between historical and contemporary, monumental and fancy, familiar and intriguing. I’m very interested in contrasts! »

Dune, 2021

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