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Bauer Grung’s mood

Fanny & David Lopez Quincoces - © Alberto Srada

Fanny, originally from Norway, has joined her Hispanic husband David Lopez Quincoces at the head of the architecture and design studio Quincoces-Dragò & Partners. Together, in Milan, they create Italian-style places, furniture and, above all, a very special way of life.

Fanny and David are the decorators and curators of the Six Gallery, which is part of SIX, the project of entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli. The duo doesn’t stop there and recently designed the interior of The Sister Hotel, while launching Act II of their SIX – PROJECT collection, co-signed under the name of Quincoces-Dragò and presented at the Salon del Mobile.

Fanny, or the art of juggling between projects, ideas, Mauritanian rugs and signed pieces. Demonstration.

The Macchia by Quincoces-Dragò & Partners

A fascinating destination?

« We are deeply fascinated by the Far East and Japan in particular – a country with an incredible cultural heritage and craftsmanship that we deeply admire. »

A must-see in Milan?

« There are so many amazing places! But I never get tired of going to the Orto Botanico Park. »

An inspiring and invigorating place?

« The Villa Necchi in Milan. »

Your favourite piece from the Six Project II collection?

« Difficult question, I’d say either the QD18 console or the bar! »

An inspiring period?  

« The 1930s and 1950s stylistically in Italy… »

The details that make all the difference in a hotel?

« I think the magic operates when a hotel creates a special atmosphere so that travellers feel « at home » – even if they are far from home – rather than in yet another disembodied « design box ». So to avoid this, the choice of textiles, materials and colours is fundamental ».

The colours, objects and materials that define The Sister Hotel?

« The deep green it shares with the « Sixth Bistrò » is the key to creating coherence with the various spaces of SIX!

For the rooms I would say the carpets found in Mauritania that we also sell in the gallery and the textiles on the beds… For the materials, we played with wooden floors, wicker cupboards and period floors in graniglia / terrazo for the bathrooms. ».

A preferred material?

« Only one is impossible! I can’t choose between wood, marble, metals, glass… They are all so diverse! »

A vintage object that goes through time?

« There are so many timeless vintage objects that I never get tired of, but the lamp designed by Marcel Breuer for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1929 could be one of my favourites ».

Decoration of a private flat in Milan by Quincoces-Dragò & Partners

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