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Axel Chay

Watered-down colours, graphic lines, unusual materials and pop references: welcome to the phantasmagorical world of Axel Chay. The self-taught designer set up his studio two years ago in the city of Marseille. There, he explores new materials and revisits regressive trends such as Memphis, reinterpreting the art of Julio Le Parc or Tom Wesselmann.


His trademark? Tubes and plumbing pipes that he reincarnates into offbeat seats, lights and sculptures. More recently, he has created an armchair with curves reminiscent of a crocodile’s jaw, or a graphic planter supported by small round feet… A true ode to play and childhood. Axel talks to us about his inspirations and future projects.

Bed and breakfast flat – Galerie Vaste Horizon Arles

What day & time is it? What do you usually do at this time of the week?



« Monday, 10.20am. It’s never the same. Today I’ve been looking after my son and I’m preparing a commission for a gallery across the Atlantic. »

Exhibition « the object and time » at Archik – Paris

Your current creative desires?

© Alex Chay

© Alex Chay

« I’m looking forward to the prototype of a new glass coffee table. My brother and I have a lot of orders to fill, since he makes most of the pieces. So I’m putting the new stuff on the back burner. Otherwise, I really want to build a house. »

Septem bench © Alex Chay

Septem stool © Alex Chay

What project are you most busy with at the moment?


« Too many different things! I have just finalised my catalogue with the BILLY agency in Marseille and now I am working on several interior design projects and in parallel I am continuing to develop new objects. »

Erotish • Chapelle XIV • Paris

Modulation floor lamp © Axel Chay

Donuts wall lamp © Axel Chay

What are the inspirations for this project?


« A set from an old James Bond scene. »

Elord House

Elord House

A material you have recently used?


« The glass. »

Exhibition « the object and time » at Archik – Paris

What has shaped your taste?


« It’s impossible to say. I think everything influences me constantly. But my wife is definitely the person who inspires me the most. »

© Axel Chay

Septem stool © Axel Chay

Form, function or fantasy?


« Phantasmagoria! »

© Axel Chay

A colour range that has always followed you?


« Light pink RAL 3015 and green RAL 6024. »

© Axel Chay

© Axel Chay

Your colormatch of the moment?


« Beige, brown and green. »

Your last 3 artistic favourites?


« I loved Paolo Sorrentino’s film The Hand of God, as I do all his works. I’m also discovering all the literary masterpieces of Joseph Kessel at the moment, and then the post-punk band Crystal Stilts. »

The next design piece you would like to buy?


« Terje Ekström’s Ekstrem flesh, I just ordered it! »

Ekstrem chair byTerje Ekström

3 iconic design pieces ? 


« The DS-1025 sofa by Ubald Klug, an Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass

and a Chiara floor lamp by Mario Bellini. »

Ultrafragola de Ettore Sottsass

Canapé DS-1025

Lampadaire Chiara de Mario Bellini

Ultrafragola de Ettore Sottsass

Lampadaire Chiara de Mario Bellini

Canapé DS-1025

The latest designer you’ve spotted?


« The Californian clothing brand BODE. »


BODE store in Los Angeles

Artists who influence you? 


« The Argentine painter and sculptor Julio Le Parc and the American painter Tom Wesselmann. »

Tom Wesselmann

Julio Le Parc

3 inspiring Instagram accounts?

Artists, personalities you would like to have dinner with?


« Gérard Depardieu for drinking and bullshit ».

An address you would like to discover?

« I want to visit Naples and stay at Gio Ponti’s hotel in Sorrento. »

Gio Ponti’s hotel in Sorrento

The place you could go back to every week?


« The island of Naoshima in Japan. »

Naoshima Island

Naoshima Island

Naoshima Island

The architect who would build your dream house?


« Tadao Ando. »

Tadao Ando

Was there a scenography that stood out for you?


« All the installations by the artist James Turrell that I have had the chance to see. »

James Turrell

James Turrell

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