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Terre des étoiles

« I would go to sleep in an ochre paradise… ». In the heart of the Agafay Desert, a few minutes from Marrakech, Pierre Yves Marais has imagined a land of stars (Terre des étoiles). This exceptional eco-lodge has been designed by a Spanish architect and Italian interior designers, and is a haven of conviviality and serenity.


Arid lands as far as the eye can see. Gentle slopes, warm sand, a few cacti. 18 large white tents blend into this unique environment. Light wood, rattan, woven cushions, woven carpets, wicker lights. Outside, permaculture vegetable garden, untreated swimming pool, solar panels. Terre des étoiles is a small corner of paradise that is self-sufficient, resourceful and respectful of its environment. Sublime, innovative and so inspiring.

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