Ian Felton

Ancient tales for modern furniture.

Ancient tales for modern furniture. An antithesis that sums up Ian Felton’s first KOSA collection. The New York designer immersed himself in the stories told by the decorative objects of pre-Colombian societies and captured them in an abstract way. By looking at sculptures of crouching women associated with fertility rites, he imagined the fine line of the Lounge chair. This is just one example of the anthropological approach that shapes his symbolic collection.


Considering the story he tells with this collection, Ian Felton wanted to remain faithful to the materials of the region. The base of his chair and side table are made of Cantera: a rock formed from volcanic ash and dust that looks like terrazzo. He has also used Peruvian alpaca, a fabric that will not wear out. The whole was worked by stone sculptors and carpenters with exceptional know-how, next to Mexico City.

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