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11 May 2021

Repeated lockdown inevitably leads to a desire to escape. A need to go green that overturns the classic patterns of our homes. The interior is opening up to the outside, outdoor furniture is inviting itself into the living room, gardens, patios and terraces are being staged and becoming real extensions of houses and flats.


When the boundaries between indoors and outdoors become blurred, furniture must be flexible and mobile to meet all uses. The indoor/outdoor distinction is disappearing, leaving only the best: style and resistance. This hybridisation is echoed by Sunbrella, a pioneer in the design and production of high-performance fabrics. Deciphering!

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An exterior as sophisticated as the interior

Supernova Collection by Derek Castiglioni

Made in design SS/20 © Cyrille Robin

The home pushes the walls of the house to define a new living space: the garden. Just as sophisticated, well-groomed and furnished as the interior, the patio becomes the open-air extension of the house. The choice of textiles, which are increasingly wide and efficient, and the new materials give the outdoor space a real character. The accessories – rugs, cushions, or even outdoor mirrors – make the garden the new living room.

At Garance Doré’s © Jason Frank Rothenberg

Made in design © Cyrille Robin

Gala Collection by Cristina Celestino for Saba

Innovation in outdoor textiles


Chaise Gae Aulenti, chair cushion by Goodmoods, Zephyr fabrics by Sunbrella © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

Mallet Stevens chairs – Habitat Edition, ottomans by Goodmoods Sunbrella © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

Vibrant shades and soft pastels, geometric patterns and refined plains, smart materials and polished finishes… The world’s leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella, combines design, performance and craftsmanship with sensitivity. Its repertoire includes six eclectic moods – from ethnic Bahia to classic Odyssey – and hundreds of textile references that galvanise interiors and exteriors.

Staycation at home

Swing & table by Goodmoods, Canvas Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

Considering the sanitary context, the garden and the terrace are improvised as resorts and places for staycations (stay + vacation) made to measure. The 50s taste for swings, retro parasols and Miami stripes is recreated. The care given to the outdoors at that time continues to resonate today. In the same spirit, small furniture is being hybridised for the interior. The swimming pool ball with deckchair stripes is now used as an office chair (designed by Goodmoods / Sunbrella fabrics).

© Fatboy

Ball by Goodmoods, Canvas & Savane Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

The exterior becomes enclosed

Sugiloo Collection by Michael Anastassiades

The exterior is partitioned like the rooms in the house and each corner has a specific function. The rest areas are adorned with protective domes that provide a feeling of intimacy and rest, while the kitchen area is equipped with screens and pergolas and imitates the spirit of a private restaurant. Cocoons that isolate from the outside world and give a sense of escape.

© Cuckoo Land

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor are blurring


Mallet Stevens Chair, Habitat Edition, Savane Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

When the outside is closed off, the inside is opened up. Rooms open up and expand with French windows, bay windows, skylights, portholes or modular partitions. Boundaries are narrowed to allow a corner of the garden to enter. Rattan armchairs, chilianas, hammocks and garden furniture are even invited indoors to create continuity and allow for hyper-flexibility. A need reinforced by current events but which had already begun: in April 2019, 57% of French urbanites wanted to leave the city for the countryside (IFOP).

When modularity rhymes with desirability

Ottomans by Goodmoods, Canvas Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

Ball & chair by Goodmoods, Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer

More than ever, modularity rhymes with desirability. The consumer is looking for hybrid and versatile furniture to embrace the notion of nomadism. Pieces fit together, stack up and create compositions in a design that is in tune with the times. As a reference, these cushions / floorstands, in & outdoor, imagined by Goodmoods.

Cushions by Goodmoods, Majestic Sunbrella fabrics © Goodmoods & N. Mohadjer


Roly Poly Collection TOOGOOD X DRIADE

© Lapalma

Bringing in plants becomes essential

© New York Times

Nature is coming into our homes. In recent years, micro-gardening and houseplants have become increasingly popular. The global houseplant market is expected to grow by 10.2% per year between 2020 and 2025 (Businesscoot). Designers are getting to grips with the subject by coming up with unique vases, elaborate planters and all kinds of planters…

In general, green space is becoming essential. And the trend has been exacerbated by the pandemic among younger generations: 62% of millennials said that the presence of green space was vital to their mental health during lockdown (

© Urban Outfitters

© Supernovas

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