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Daily Routine

Shooting leboncoin © GOODMOODS


17 November 2023

What if beauty hid in the small, everyday moments? The commonplace, the routine, and material constraints inspire artists, designers, and stylists who seek the discreet poetry of the ordinary. A way of seeing life differently, often with irony, but tenderly.


Lately, photo campaigns depict real life; everyday objects are repurposed (croissants and baguettes transform into bags, jewelry, and teapots); the ordinary madeleines of Proust (cafeteria glass as an old trinket) come out of the cupboards; paintings freeze abandoned meals; pop-up stores draw inspiration from laundromat codes. The new generation of creatives aims to make the daily grind attractive again.


La Romaine Éditions, JACQUEMUS, Pia Chevalier, Domestique, French Cliché, Inès Mélia and Amélie Pichard question the mundane and the routine, even if it means embracing the ugly, and in a way, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Their slogan: Make « routine » great again!

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7:45 AM: Breakfast and morning routine

The Morning by La Romaine Éditions © François Coquerel

The end of summer © Cagnard Studio

Edito « Katalog 1994 », BOUND Magazine © Eduard Sánchez Ribot

Croissant earrings JACQUEMUS © Yoann et Marco

TWISTED 210 | Rust Leather Handbag © MAM Originals

Croissant Teapot by Pia Chevalier © French Cliché

« Nature morte au pain » by Férreol Babin for Sinople Paris

FENDI Baguette  bag

Retromood GOODMOODS x leboncoin © GOODMOODS

Musque Benches by Carl Durkow © Ethan Hickerson

Breakfast set, Matilda Goad x Matches Fashion

Paloma Wood SS24 © Rémi Procureur

Series « The Daily » by La Romaine Éditions

Kraft Bag by Domestique

The New York Times, illustrations by Sho Shibuya

11:00 AM: Grocery shopping and household chores


PH5 SS24, Look 35 © Filippo Fior

Jacque Mousse Campaign © JACQUEMUS

Jacquemus © Nicole McLaughlin

Cahu Paris © Alex Pommier

La Romaine Éditions © Juliette Abitbol & Edouard Sanville

© Iris Millot

Issy Wood Solo Show until January 7, 2024 © Lafayette Anticipations

© Issy Wood

Karl Lagerfeld at his home office in 2018 with his cat Choupette © Annie Leibovitz

Keychains « Weighing Tickets » by Domestique

Leather Shopping Basket by Domestique

1:00 PM: Impromptu picnic in the sun

TABLE for Courrier Media © Cagnard Studio

Cabbage Tureen by Luisa Paixao

Energizing Picnic with leboncoin © GOODMOODS

© Duralex

© Sabre Paris

Sensitive Works by Sarah Espeute © Manon Delaune

Sensitive Works by Sarah Espeute © Sabrina Hadj – Hacene

A Emery © Phillip Huynh

Scrap fabric still life © Andrew Pierce Scott

Series « The Daily » by La Romaine Éditions © La Romaine Éditions

© Cagnard Studio

MOSCHINO SS23, Look 29

4:00 PM: Sports, board games, and other hobbies

Sculpture LVDIS – Dumbbells by Seletti

Pesas Piedra by Algo Studio © Mariana Garcia

Pulldown Check-up Mirror © Angst Design

© Angst Design

Maximilien Pellet for Monoprix

Chessboard Table by Sarah Burns, Marta Gallery © Sean Davidson

9:00 PM: Evening with friends

© Julia & Vincent

Cookies – Ashtrays © Lydia Cambron

French Cliché x Villa Arev

© Inès Mélia

© Ulysse Sauvage

Sophie Calle, The Chromatic Diet (1997)

The Pichet Pichard, Ulysse Sauvage

Ramen Package © Maison Margiela

The JACQUEMUS Alphabet © Yoann & Marco

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