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Etienne Gros. Photo Matthieu Lavanchy


15 January 2021

« You are beautiful, strong & powerful »The mantra resonates on the eve of International Women’s Rights Day. The fashion and cosmetics campaigns are changing the rules: they are chanting their liberating message and inciting people to assume new femininities. The artistic world is not to be outdone and also explores these femininities in full bloom, sensual forms, liberated silhouettes. Creative people are fully inspired by women’s bodies, without shame or filters.

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    8th March

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Inès Longevial
Coucou Suzette
Caroline Walls
Caroline Walls

The female silhouette : the new muse of a young generation of artists. Barcelona’s Carla Cascales Alimbau unveils the charm and beauty of imperfections and plays the authenticity card. As for the Australian, Caroline Walls, she makes feminine curves the main subject of her work. She is interested in spontaneous movement, fluidity and voluptuousness of silhouettes.

Carla Cascales Alimbau
Cécile Chareyron
Bomboca Sofa by the Campana brothers, for Nomadic Objects Louis Vuitton
Najla El Zein x Dallas Museum Of Art
Garouste & Bonetti, "Koala" sofa edited by BGH.
Patricia Zieseniss


The voluptuous shapes and assertive curves inspire new, very feminine codes of contemporary design.

Frattini sofa
Boob Vase, Takeawei
Modern Baroque @radioshead

Far from the censorship of Instagram which tends to plaster on the nipples, female attributes and in particular breasts are displayed. Coucou Suzette, which defines itself as a « Girl Power Accessory brand » has even made this its trademark.

Angèle. Photo Charlotte Abramow. Coucou Suzette rings
Arnold Goron. For the Isabel Marrant boutique
Thing Ind.
Coucou Suzette
Masque Céramique by Somée
Skin Vases, Studiofoam

Curves are no longer erased, smoothed and photoshopped but instead draw the silhouettes of the Studiofoam vases.

Photography Giuseppe Palmisano
Etienne Gros. Photo Matthieu Lavanchy
Carla Cascales Alimbau

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